Thursday, October 10, 2013

Top Shop Winner Goodies

I recently entered a Giveaway and WON! 

"insert happy face"
The wonderful Evelyn from Well Dressed 25 was giving away a top shop lipstick and a cute midi ring
I finally recieved the items yesterday and couldn't be happier 
If you haven't subscribed to her page you should for sure do so !
Wearing plum was on my fall list as well 
Thank You Evelyn I'm Very Thankful 
Do you guys like the color ?! 

It is Fab in AZ in today its a for sure hangout in bed day 



  1. I am so happy that Topshop is now in certain Nordstrom locations. My wallet, however, is less than thrilled. Congrats on winning!

  2. The Lipstick really suits you! I am glad you liked your little present.Thanks for entering my giveaway it was a lot of fun!!!Lots of love!!!


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