Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday ..

The Daily Tay
Someday ...

Someday I will have either have grown an actual "foot size" or have started my own shoe company for fabulously priced shoes for my sized 5 5.5 footsies

Someday I will sing out loud in the car with the windows down next to a stranger and not give a &@*

Someday I will I will visit Napa and fill my belly with fabulous wine

Someday I will have a huge house filled with beautiful babies and various pets that playful chase the children

Someday I will make a differnce in someones life

Someday I will repay my parents back for all that they have done for me

Someday I will remarry my lovely husband on a beach in an intimate ceremony with the stars above us

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  1. Cant help with number 1
    #2 Go for it you have a wonderful voice
    #3 Moms side slipping out :)
    #4 Half way there.
    #5 you have made a differance, you made me into the man i am today when you came into my life 26 years ago.
    #6 No need, its what we do
    #7 haaaay no stealing my ideas with Mom.


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